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New Catalogs New Lines

The holiday catalog is now here.  Starting on Sept 15th you may order from it.  Get a Snowman Warmer, Pooki the Polar Bar, or even the Santa Warmer.  Enjoy our new fragrances, new lines, new warmers, and even new buddies.  Check it out today before they all go away for good.

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School is soon to be in full swing.  Starting in September we have two great new lines coming out.  We have a perfume line coming out with 5 new fragrances.  Along with our Premium Line.  Warmers in our Premium Line will cost about $5.00 more than the other warmers.  We have a Premium Full Size Warmer line and a Premium Mid-Size Warmer Line.  I’m really excited about it starting in September.  Also, in September we have our first ever Charity Scentsy Buddy named Sasha.  Sasha is helping raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.  100% of the proceeds goes to Ronald McDonald’s House to help those who live there.  Along with Sasha we are adding Patch the Dog and Scratch the Cat to our collection of Buddies.  Which are just as cute as can be.  We are also adding the “Hero” line as well.  That will include Fire and Police to our collection.  That is coincide with our military warmers we already have.  With the holiday’s approaching fast we will soon release our Holiday Catalog with tons of new products.  I’m not sharing those just yet.  I have to keep something a mystery from everyone.

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10% off Most Everything Month

This is the perfect time to shop.  The whole month of August is 10% off most everything month.  There are only a handful of items that are NOT on sale this month.  All bars, warmers, tins, buddies, etc by themselves are.  Charity, College, and Military warmers are NOT on sale due to money going back to each of those.  Also, this is a great time to sign up.  Just for $99 you can get the whole Spring/Summer books and testers.  Along with Fall/Winter books and testers and great items to help jump start your new business.  Be your boss, higher who you want, and set your own hours.  It’s a great opportunity this month and get a jump start for Christmas.

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Scentsy is my website.  So, please go take a look around.  It is flameless, wickless, sootless, candles.  It uses a low watt lightbulb to melt the wax.  It uses a 15, 20, and a 25 watt for the various size warmers.  🙂  We have NCAA, Cause, and Military warmers which are our most expensive.  Still under $40 🙂  Money goes back to that category..  We have stuff for nursery’s, woman, and even men.  We go stuff for cooks, pet lovers, fishers, golfers, and the outdoor types.  We have stuffed animals that smell very yummy.  We have stuff for your car, gym bag, diaper bag, hotel rooms, class rooms, etc.  You have over 80 different fragrances.  So, go and take a look.  Order from my party so I can also earn free product to keep my inventory high.

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